Boulefield V9.6 Part 1 with @Karl_with_a_C @PGT_TURTLE @The_SilviaKid

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Welcome to Boulefield, the most immersive RPG experience in Minecraft, set in the Steam-Punk Art-Deco world of Hedaiphon, an underwater submarine city. Battle through 4 hours of an epic adventure, which will leave you stunned. Over 23 months of work has gone into making this map as incredible as it can, adding elements like NPCs, side quests, magic, and an engrossing storyline. Yet, no mods are necessary. Karl With AC’s Channel : PGT_Turtles Channel : TheSilviaKid’s Channel : This map can be downloaded from Ways to stay in contact ★ Website : ★ Twitter : ★ FaceBook : ★ Google+ :
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  1. Yeah when we started the game we were spawned in that house so after exploring and doing that side quest we stumbled on the real spawn and decided to start from there. Rather than waste that bit we added it in.

  2. good video =] i like how u edited in that side quest at the top, different but effective

  3. I’ve found that I tend to find little shortcuts and easier ways to edit the more I do it. After a while it’s not so hard anymore when you learn how to do it very efficiently.

  4. And thats why we just recorded another 2 hours LMAO – I think you were there.

  5. I really wish the editing was easier – but I guess you get out what you put in :)

  6. Yeah I know – figure I need content again on the channel and well new PC can render nice and fast.

  7. The intro needs some work and ideally I need a new logo. The music tho I love it.

  8. OMG! im in the video :O :O we need to play more too :D