Botany, A Farmer & His Ender Chest

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Part 2 of a series of movie teasers showing version 6 of my Minecraft texture pack, ‘Glimmar’s Steampunk’. This episode gives a taste of the random CTM plant life I’ve been working on this past month, my animated ender chest, animated ores, etc., and one of my farmer villagers…more to show in the next episode including my new animated automaton villagers. The sound samples in this movie do not represent in-game sounds using my (Glimmar’s) Steampunk texture pack… this is a movie and appropriately atmospheric sounds have been copiously used to enhance the setting and your viewing pleasure. Animated textures, such as guis, skins, items and terrain features are exactly as depicted in the movie (aside from standard video transitions of course). ‘MC Patcher’ is necessary to activate animations and CTM features like my many and varied plants. Here’s the link to my current texture pack and Minecraft Forums thread: Thanks. ~Glimmar Featuring, all new: 32 random CTM grass textures and new base grass 10 random CTM tall grass textures 16 random CTM standard foliage textures 4 random CTM jungle foliage textures 7 random CTM rose red bushes 7 random CTM rose yellow bushes 11 random CTM fern plants 5 random CTM poisonous mushrooms 11 random CTM edible mushrooms and new base version 11 random CTM lilypad textures 12 random CTM desert plants new cocoa pod stages animated paddle-less steampunk boat animated Eye of Ender item animated dark cast iron enderchest

Jordan Reyne - The Machines of B

When the machines have gone, you’ll wonder where you’ve been. A story about a mysterious engineer called “B” who wakes up one day minus his machines and is confronted with the emptiness of his inner world.



  1. Many thanks. Have fun, mate!

    I’m currently working on new CTM stone bricks, animated cogs and wheels, and all the new stuff for MC 1.4

  2. dude, you are a god among men, this texture pack is amazing, i will love vanilla minecraft forever with this

  3. It’s cool man :D

  4. I will seriously do my best to remember that offer. Many thanks. :)

  5. I’m still not worthy! :D But many thanks nonetheless. :)

  6. @UberGaffer
    The screens at the end looked like something from the start of a mulitplayer map loading…You could make an Industrial-Style Survival-games map!
    I’m quite good at making stuff like that, if you want some help when NewGlim is finished, just message me :)

  7. You’re awesome Glimmar! You are really awesome :D

  8. Haha.

    I am not worthy. :)

  9. Well I only use MC Patcher and the multi-plant and leaves textures comes from that patcher’s refined use of the ‘connected textures’ mod (CTM for short). There appears to be no limit on the number of random textures that can be added to a texture pack. To concentrate on other areas of my pack, I had to stop adding more plants, but I will return to this area later. Sorry, I can’t testify for how Optifine will work with it.

    Glad you like. No trickery involved other than some atmospheric sound. :)

  10. Do my eyes decieve me?
    Optifine Natural Texture-d leaves?!

  11. I love you Glimmar
    I love you forever and ever
    Never will I not love you
    I’m not alone in loving you either

  12. You describe it very much as I do things myself. Lots of stuff I dreamed up when building blocks were incredibly limited, don’t seem worth the effort these days, especially now that we have so many visually useful things to work with.

    I like your idea of using pixels (I assume these represent individual blocks in Minecraft?) to work out your ideas for building. Even if impossible to realize in-game, it’s still awesome that in theory Minecraft would allow you to attempt it.

  13. No I haven’t, I suppose I’m a bit shy with my plans and all. Plus I’ve found that planning doesn’t work out that well all the time, so I’ve sorta scrapped the old plans, and I’m only gonna make the contraptions as the ideas come along, to experiment a bit in-game, play around with the idea. Also to realize its size, because I can easily spend an hour in Paint making tiny little pixels, and then find out later in-game It’ll take me a 1000 hours to make it, and that’s just disappointing.

  14. And show those off in my thread too. Haha, when I had more time for building, I used to make little drawings of projects during my lunch break, etc. Some of which I’m still looking forward to implementing. :)

    Minecraft’s unique for getting the creative brain juices flowing. Doctors should prescribe it for a healthy active mind. I certainly know what I’m going to be doing when I retire! :D

  15. You should show some pics off in my thread, but I bet you have and I’ve probably been absent and missed commenting on them. :( 

  16. I’ve even got a ton of Drawings for some random projects xD

  17. Really bad habit of mine too, my server’s full of half-finished castles, airships, houses, oh and my Crown Jewel, the Hankraftian Collective.

  18. Thanks, mate, much appreciated and glad you like. :)

    Hehe! Perhaps a better analogy and appropriate for Minecraft is that my world is more like a building site with more half finished projects than fully finished ones. So I wend my way through the best areas like a good salesman should! :D

  19. Well Great Scenery none the less, and that alone is Epic :P

  20. Is it that time already? :D

    It’ll be a lot sooner than than Christmas…I hope! And all those awesome things that Mojang have been working on will be with us too…making all this possible!

  21. Many thanks indeed! :)

  22. It works perfectly well with Optifine too…though I’m not as familiar with that particular patcher. However, although it will still work without MC Patcher, being a combination of 32 and 64x textures, you’ll have lots of glitches and won’t have any of the animations or special lighting effects, etc. And for a humble artist like me there’s nothing I can do about it…sorry! :(

  23. Lol! Newglim probably looks more impressive in videos than in person! Imagine the old Wild West movie…great from the front, but nothing behind. :D

    I have to be careful where I walk. :(

  24. Sure would be awesome to take a stroll thru Newglim :P

  25. but can u make 1 that u dont need mc patcher for ? pleaseee

  26. Excellent, I love it!!!

  27. Got to get this out and help spread it ….awesome song and video….makes you think what can or is happening.

  28. wonderful^^^^

  29. Love the pendulum rocking along with the old IBM tapes. Super video.

  30. Good find Kato.

  31. Thanks so much for this masterpiece.


  32. love it baby!

  33. Really beautiful :)

  34. Wonderful song!

  35. Extremely stark. Oddly enough I watched a PBS program about what would happen if all humans disappeared at the same time. You would think that would benefit the environment however the machines still keep running and when the electricity and fuel runs out the chemicals that those machines controlled are now released causing massive poisonous waste, fires and gases killing all other forms of animals. If it’s going to be fixed humans are the ones that will have to do it.