Birth of a New World

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Article by Matthew Quentin

Birth of a New World – Art

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Reading a good story line never fails to amaze and intrigue people. It seems there is something nearly magical to it. This one saw the light of day as the late fall of 2009 passed into a cold winter crackling its way, and spreading it’s cold grip across the nothern part of our world. In the capitol of Norway people were drawing indoors for shelter. You’d find us comfortably snuggled up in our couches, flipping through finding our favorite tv-shows, or comfortably seated in our favorite chair facing the soothing flames of a fireplace with a nice book, in a room streamed with incense and beaming temperate music creating an ambience. In short, we were escaping the cold grip, and with our minds, snuggling up inside our imagination.

The young writer Originally from Fiji, after having explored the islands, decided that it was time to widen his universe. So he buckeled up and set off on a global expedition. You’ll have the chance to get to know him and his encounters of life better later. Suffice to say, The journey being long and perilous, our writer found him self marooned in a cold gripped wintery city of Oslo. It was to be very fruitful. His name is Matthew Quentin and he is the creator of the character called Constant Falter. Using self lived experiences matthew is delivering stories that are proving to be somewhat of a phenomenon, his writings being more than mere words.

Some of these magnificent works of art will be shared with the public in art galleries across the globe. The first one held the 3rd of July 2010 at Gallery View in Oslo. You’ll have the chance to meet some of the artists participating in this project. You’ll find valuables like original drafts and first sketches of this new found Great White Galaxy displayed for a whole month. So if you’re in Oslo sometime during July we invite you to take a look at the initial Artworks of the Constant Falter Project, up close and personal.

In the meantime you have a great opportunity to follow a great Artprojects Storyline, from the early stages ’till what comes next. So you are more than welcome to come over to our blog, read freakish fairytales and misadventures, check out what is currently in the works, and read articles on the artist. Maybe even contribute a piece yourself? Bring your friends along aswell, comment, give your views and have discussions about our ways. You’ll have the great chance to get to know Matthew aswell as the other artist’s and contributors to the project a lot better.

With vivid imagination and a nose for the strangely intriguing, Constant Falter is rendered as the Thrill Seeker for the Queen of Dreams. Set in a starry steampunk place called The Big White Galaxy, our hero might be surfing on comets one minute, while rescuing fair maidens from self-indulging knights the next. Back in the real world, On completion of each story Matthew is inviting a selection of artists from all creeds to contribute artwork to it. So there are currently an undisclosed number of artist working on interpreting the stories in their own medium. Photos and paintings, music, films, theatreshows, costumes, and even games inspired by The Misadventures of Constant Falter, is already in the making. With the vast amount of art being created, the Great White Galaxy of young Mr Quentin’s stories is really coming to existence and taking on a life of its own.

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Is 99 lives a posibility? Matthew Quentinis ready to answer any question related to Constant Falter, find out today.

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Matthew Quentin

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