Bioshock Infinite Trailer HD – Mind Heist (Inception) Soundtrack

Posted by on Oct 23, 2012 in Videos | 16 comments

Bioshock Infinite trailer set to Zack Hemsey’s Mind Heist (from Inception) soundtrack.
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  1. I just checked it out. Really? It didn’t even use the whole song and was off quite a few times? That’s better?

  2. i love the Bioshock series going to miss the underwater city tho

  3. Love how they didn’t rush this game…

    They could have released it this year… but no. they made it right.

  4. this song matches better with the halo 4 e3 trailer

  5. Yes but even then, the match is still pretty impressive.

  6. It’s simple dramatic timing. It’s built into our nature.

  7. That could actually could very well be the case. Sometimes a certain song picked for timing and / or feeling and is worked with while a substitution is being produced. Many times the substitution has the same beat and mood, but the notes are different. This avoids copyrights the end and the people working on the piece have something to work with while the music is produced.

  8. woah.

  9. Very good! If you guys like this kind of videos can you check out my channel.

  10. We still havent learned that this song goes well with everything???…lol all joking aside the part where elizabeth gets pulled in times up super well

  11. Winning.

  12. wow it’s like the song has been made for this trailer

  13. Don’t you mean “Ken’s Theme”? Ken’s theme turns everything badass

  14. WELL DONE. Now make one with Guile’s Theme. I’m curious to see if it works.

  15. Is it that both trailers use the same sort of pacing, or maybe it’s just chance? Either way, HOLY SHIT THAT WORKED.

  16. This was epic.