Big Brother Always Watching Forever

Posted by on Nov 2, 2012 in Videos | 16 comments

Hey look Steampunk! And it only took a month and a half! Anyway, here’s a steampunk version of BBBFF. What would Twilight’s brother be like in the Steampunk world? Beats me… Art in order: 1) AdamsSketches: 2) KittyHawkman: 3) AdamsSketches again: 4) QuintessantRiver: 5) KittyHawkman again: DOWNLOAD: MIDI:
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  1. 1984 anyone? So politically evocative, would Shining Armour be part of the repressive government of Celestia, possibly on interrogation in room 101?

  2. And magic is what you need to believe in.
    *Insert Steampunky Rainblower hear*

  3. Wai nawt?!
    I’m sure everypony would appreciate it… if that’s ok with you. *Scared Squee, because music is kinda scary (coming from someone who loved Rainbow Factory and watched cupcakes several times)*

  4. thats ok most Bronies I know dont like it either

  5. What’s funny is that this is my least favorite song on the show, but my favorite song of yours. Possibly when you get rid of the silly lyrics, put creepy factory sounds in, and overall make it more instrumental, you can sort of see how excellent the melody really is.

  6. Probs not

  7. Will you be doing a steampunk version of So Many Wonders anytime soon?

  8. It’s like if Twilight somehow met an evil version of her brother… Well done!

  9. ^^ :D ITS AWESOME! 

  10. A vibrant imagination is all you need.

  11. Probably not. If I was, it would be at the very bottom of the list of things to do, I don’t really like the opening song…

  12. Fantastic as always! Do you think you’ll make a steampunk cover of the extended opening?

  13. Not as good! Winter’s Over (Lets have an adventure) is my favorite of yours!!! I love the war march feel of it :3

  14. Yes, it’s not as good as some of my others though. It’s called ‘Winter’s Over (Lets have an adventure)’ and can be found in the Steampunk Pony playlist!

  15. Do you have a Winter Wrap Up steampunk mix?

  16. I think the best part about your steampunk songs is I can sing the original lyrics and it just sounds so sinister and so, so awesome