Bicycle Steampunk’s and Sherpa Pen Cover

Posted by on Jun 23, 2012 in Videos | 4 comments

Bicycle Steampunk's and Sherpa Pen Cover

Lance Miller has, what I feel, is a much better steampunk design. I hope that it gets printed soon. Thank you to Jordan Palmer for supplying the deck for this review.
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  1. @alanpaoletti i need to know something. when i spring cards i spring them in my left hand. when i fan cards i hold them in my left hand, making it extremely hard for me to pressure fan. it feels normal for me to fan while holding in my left and it feels normal springing with my left.i am right handed and need help with pressure fans.

  2. Very nice reviews Alan!

  3. @asbmagician
    They are expensive. When Valentines hit my restaurant I made a little extra and decided to get it.

  4. I though you said that sherpa was to expensive for you?