Bicycle Steampunk Deck Review

Posted by on Mar 20, 2013 in Videos | 22 comments

Bicycle Steampunk Deck Review

The Bicycle Steampunk! You can get this at Theory11 or you could always wait for the Bicycle Actuators from Lance Miller!
Video Rating: 4 / 5



  1. hahahahaha thats mean and funny

  2. A character off Big Bang Theory

  3. Kripke from the big bang theory :p

  4. huh

  5. It’s Kripke :O

  6. Well I don’t know you or your sister and I don’t see any videos on your channel nor have I seen her channel if she even has one so i’ll pass on that.

  7. my sister has been aching to get her hands on some of these too! she’s been practicing a lot but we don’t really get a chance to buy any nice cards for her, ythink you could help her out as well? =

  8. That’s good, but you could have ordered theme from Pokerstud52 and gotten a discount!

  9. i just ordered some off of theory 11

  10. Mostly because there are lots of male magicians are there and it is a male dominated industry and I would love to see a female become a big magic star.

  11. why not male? lol

  12. Well I have been known to give decks away to aspiring female magicians, just let me know and I can send you some.

  13.  Thanks, you’re really nice! But how?

  14. I’d love to help you out somehow, let me know if interested.

  15. No problem!

  16. The Steampunk and Charity Water (also Monarchs) are like THE decks of cards I want to get but I can’t…
    Great review by the way!

  17. Cool thank

  18. All over the place, theory11, ellusionist, bluecrown, the1eyedjack, and pokerstud52 to name a few.

  19. We’re do you buy your cards

  20. Make sure you get the Charity Water deck while you’re at it!

  21. Awesome video!!! Gonna eventually pick up a pack of these!

  22. Yeah it could have been better but it isn’t all bad.