Best Shoe Makeover Ever! ThreadBanger How-to

Posted by on Oct 9, 2012 in Videos | 24 comments

Corinne heads over to Mark Montano’s Craft House for Margaritas and the best shoe makeover that has ever existed. Can you tell we are excited about this one? We just love DIY projects that are so simple and yet so innovative. Check out Mark’s YouTube Channel: And his blog:



  1. get makeover to a boots in military style plz =)

  2. You can get a leather punch at Lowes.

  3. WWhat’s something I can do with plain black pumps (they’re that soft fuzzy kind of material that’s in style now?)

  4. She reminds me of jessie j… Or maybe it’s just her fantastic hair cut.


  5. you just saved me $50!!! the shoe cobbler wanted to charge me that to put a strap on my shoe!!

  6. At The Beginning I Was Like… “Is This Like Barefoot Contessa, Or Something?” LOL XD

  7. Ah! I LOVE Mark Montano!

  8. lmbo everyones wearing Jeffery Campbells

  9. lmbo everyones we wring Jeffery Campbells

  10. i love the shoe and that lady’s hairstyle too

  11. Awhile ago Corrinne did a tutorial for a leather belt where she hammered in the snaps. Do you need to use different snaps for that tool?

  12. Does anyone know where the threadbanger forum/site went o.O ? I’m guessing I’m missing something lol…

  13. Sweet idea and it just struck me that if you want interchangeable heel dangles – feather fascinators, bows, etc – that you could add a snap to the back (so long as it won’t chew a hole in your ankle. I love this idea.. your both so fabulous it must hurt.


  15. make over a hat!!!

  16. This is so creative!! And the shoes are so wearable!! LOVE IT!! :) xx

  17. omg i want the her shoes!!!!!!!!!!!1

  18. omg chains would be awesome thats such a great idea i didnt even think about that

  19. you could also trim the fabric into 3 thin pieces so it looks like straps and when there isn’t anything on there it looks like part of the shoe from a distance very clever and it doesn’t look cheap

  20. The only thing I worry about is whether the snaps would rub against your foot or not…

  21. The only thing I worry about is whether the snaps would rub against your foot or not…

  22. You could also do snap on straps to change it out. Use chains or what not too to really give it that steampunk edge!

  23. great haircut!

  24. These are so adorable and creative! I love it!! -*this* is why I’m subscribed to you!