Authentic Watches For A Young Generation

Posted by on Aug 12, 2012 in Articles | Comments Off

Article by Mark Etinger

Authentic Watches For A Young Generation – Family

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Fashion has no age limit. Everyone wants to look and dress their best and be able to keep up with the latest styles. However, this can pose a problem to my generation, those in their twenties. Some are still struggling with college loans and others have accepted entry level positions that come with entry level pay. We must scrimp and save pennies to shop in designer stores and we learn to be resourceful by shopping vintage and piecing together our own outfits. The age of online shopping is on our side though, offering great discounts on the items we desire.

Authentic watches are one accessory we shouldn’t have to go without. But even the lowest tier of designer watches can be expensive. Casio G-Shock watches, for example, are highly suited for a younger crowd and although $ 79-$ 129 for a watch is reasonable, it can still be half a pay check for some. And the better the brands, like Movado watches or Citizen watches, the higher the price tag. Should we really be forced to buy knock offs or cheap brands and sacrifice not only the quality, but the style as well?

Thankfully online retailers have ridden us of this fearful situation. They can offer customers competitive prices and huge savings on all the brand names we love. With a simple Google search, you can be taken to several retailers offering Nixon watches and Tissot watches for up to 50% off, sometimes even more. This isn’t just amazing news for younger people, it’s wnderful for everyone who loves designer watches. But it’s truly magnificent for those of us saving up so we can at least move out!

Not only can you find discounts to your heart’s desire, there are plenty of brands creating casual watches to appeal to a younger generation. This includes bright and funky colors and less traditional designs. Currently people are loving the look of seeing the inside mechanics of the watch. It has that steampunk feel to it, revealing the gears, knobs, and other doohickeys. And even though we don’t want to dress exactly like our parents or grandparents, those in their twenties have a love affair with all things vintage. If it looks like your grandfather’s pocket watch, it’ll sell easily.

But if we’re tempted to forgo the Michael Kors watch, we must realize these are important accessories that cannot be forgotten. We may not have a ton of money to toss around, but at least we can look good knowing we paid for these designer watches at a fraction of the cost.

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Certified Watch Store sells discount watches of the finest brands. TAG Heuer watches, Tissot watches, Guess watches are just some of the brands we offer.

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Mark Etinger

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