Aurora – Steampunk Short Film

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Aurora – the complete film online. After his wife is kidnapped by a group of slave traders, Emerson Marks, captain of the airship ‘Aurora’, must fight against all odds in order to rescue her. Urtext Film Productions ( ) in association with Rough Cut Productions Produced with a budget of 00 over a 3 1/2 year period, with a dedicated cast and crew of over 100 people. Directed by Chris Kellett Written by Chris Kellett, Jeremy Kelly-Bakker and Jim Hogevonder Produced by Matthew Salleh Co-produced by Rose Tucker and Jim Hogevonder
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  1. I have to say, this does have a steampunk feel to it, between old American west buildings, Victorian places, and airship, it is truly amazing.

  2. awsome film looking forward to more and i loved the steampunknish to it also the fact u put in slavery makes you think of how history may have changed if we went steampunk

  3. Did you match move or did you just do a basic AE track? Either way that sounds like it was painstakingly difficult. In that scene I also really enjoyed the transition (sound design/music) and the cinematography (with the crane shot and then the initial prison/jail shot). Great little film. I’m about to take on a steam-punk project myself.

  4. Surprised us too when we hit the milestone of three years and still hadn’t finished. We look forward to the future and trying to make bigger things happen, hopefully with some more money to back it up lol

  5. We actually talked about this during post production at one point, because all of the exterior shots are digital so we had a bit of a laugh that it was completely possible to take the airship out, although it would definitely bring some of the grandeur down. We tried to avoid showing elements of the steampunk world that weren’t necessary to the story but rest assured if a feature got off the ground that we’d have a few more steam powered tricks up the sleeve ;)

  6. Thanks very much. We always felt we were riding a line with the steampunk and new some people wouldn’t see it as such. The key thing we tried to do was not over do the steampunk. If theres no reason to show another steam powered device we tend to include it just for the sake of it. That being said, if a feature got off the ground we definitely have some thoughts on what other elements would crop up ;)

  7. Unfortunately shes taken but I’ll let her know regardless ;)

  8. As huge fans of Pirates of the Caribbean, I hope theres room for both :P
    Thanks for watching!

  9. Thanks for the comment and for watching. Please thank your daughter for sharing it! Its the only way the project can grow :)

  10. Thats actually one of the few shots we ran out of time to solve and I believe you’re the first one to bring it up! Was waiting until someone did. Nice pick up ;)

  11. Its always the dream. Hopefully one day we’ll see it a reality. Cheers for watching.

  12. Thanks very much, hope many more will get a kick out of it.

  13. Cheers mate. That particular shot was actually quite difficult to track. We used the really clear blue sky on the day as our natural blue screen to put the mansion in which presented its own problems with the extra roto work we had to do to clear the leaves in the foreground, and we had to track pretty much on to the ground and send it back in Z-space which was not a great solution.

  14. 18:14-18:20 was excellent.