I think I may have gone overboard with the brass: 6 Horns, 3 Trumpets, 2 Trombones, 2 Bass Trombones, 2 Tubas… Anyway, Steampunk finally! I’m sure a number of you have been waiting on bated breath after the GLORIOUS AND SUPERIOR MIDI version popped up! So I’d usually have some brief idea as to what’s going on in the Pony Steampunk world, but this is basically something to listen to as you crush all in your path with industry!!! Also, the ending is interesting, as I delay the cadence by a few bars…=P Pics in order: HyrAyl: hyrayl.deviantart.com colorsymphony: colorsymphony.deviantart.com colosymphony again!: colorsymphony.deviantart.com HyrAyl again!: hyrayl.deviantart.com Gimpcowking, the one that started it all with that Rarity is Industry pic!: gimpcowking.deviantart.com And finally, Andoux, giving us a pic of our industrious overlord: andoux.deviantart.com DOWNLOAD: www.mediafire.com MIDI for people interested on how complicated this gets: www.mediafire.com Now, if you don’t mind, I have some Dungeons to Defend…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. This is the type of music i could listen to with the repeat function on, that how good i think it is

  2. *Puts on Shaded Goggles and bites lip*

  3. 1:22 so many mechanical wonders!

  4. *Puts sunglasses on and bites lip*
    Dat brass.

  5. 1:51 Rainbow Dash is best Steampunk.

  6. Brass is best brass.

  7. I love your work. keep it up, i want to hear more good music. :D

  8. well.. that just about filled my iPod

  9. I don`t get this story!

  10. I like how Rainbow Dash’s is the only one that isn’t EPIC.

  11. this has got to be the single greatest dispenser radio.


  13. Bro Hoof :D

  14. That has given me an idea for my Remix War V piece! Cheers!


  16. Do a lot of people play this game ?

  17. U MAD BRO ?

  18. @zrljjbz yeah i agree def a top 10 also! dude check it this game one of the better online ones ive seen in a while –> bit.ly/Sayytb?=rqtlr

  19. this guy picked engineer at the start

  20. This guy can’t tell enemies between friends. THE BAD GUYS ARE GENERALLY THE ONES SHOOTING AT YOU! You just ignored the close range target and tried unsuccessfully to hit it guy 5000 miles away. The guy was RIGHT in front of you while you were on a short ranged gun! Why did you not shoot him?

  21. i would like a beta key

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  23. Go crawl in a hole and die.

  24. Stop, just stop

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  27. yep what would you do if the guns go down? the balloon doesn’t fucking matter! not like its a dirigible or anything.

  28. bad representation of an amazing game

  29. Is this game a clone of air bucaneers or the other way around? This game looks like the better of the two though

  30. I get that it’s hard to play a game and hold a conversation with that guy and talk about the game, but come on now. I could do better than this and I almost always suck at competitive online.