Arms Race – steampunk short film

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Arms Race – steampunk short film

The debut film from director Nigel Clegg, Arms Race is a steampunk action adventure set during the Crimean War. Visit for behind-the-scenes information! Web series now in development!
Video Rating: 4 / 5



  1. I’m not sure which one you mean, but all the music is credited at the end of the film.

  2. whats the intro song? the battle type one?

  3. Nice vid, very nice costumes, props, and sfx. My one major complaint is the camera work during the opening credits.  Never crop out the subject’s head.

  4. I saw this short film several months ago, and then when I watched Abney Park’s music video for “Steampunk Revolution” I instantly recognized the quick sample-glimpse of “Arms Race”! Way to go guys!!

  5. Googels? I thought there was only 1… huh

  6. Hey, sorry, i usually dont generalize. I know not everyone is like that, maybe i should had said “a good bunch”? If many of the top rated tv shows in rankings in usa and movies usually have a silly humor, is logical to think there are a lot of people consuming-watching them, right?

    I dont like to stereotype, so im sorry if it looked that way.

  7. Hey, hey, take it easy. We’re not all like that. Don’t be so quick to stereotype Americans. A society is represented by it’s worst people. I promise.

  8. would you call a canadian, an american? my point is that you are probably american because you don’t understand the subtle jokes in this video.

  9. i want a game rts game

  10. yes a not: sadly in english “american” is usually related only to the usa, when the whole continent is America. One of the things most people living in the continent dislike about “american english”, including myself, and thats why i pointed out that.

    Also, i feel an american (from usa) would find funnier this short than monty python, since monty python jokes are usually complex and surreal ans most americans like simple stuff like fart jokes, so, i dont get your point.

  11. yep, you’re american

  12. A just feel that a few “cartoonish details” arent “proper jokes”, like games with words, or unusual gags.


  13. This is fantastic! Great short film. You’ve done a great job on such a low budget! Keep it up!

  14. are you american or something? that was one of the most satirical films i’ve seen.

  15. lol really great short

  16. I love the humor it was pretty checky. Overall i really enjoyed it.

    There needs to be more steam punk films

  17. At first i thought this was going to be something “monty python-esque”, but even if it wasnt comedy, its nice. Maybe it could be a good idea to add a few jokes in that flavor.