Antique Newspaper Nails with red Flowers: robin moses steampunk nail art design tutorial 614

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Antique Newspaper Nails with red Flowers: robin moses steampunk nail art design tutorial 614

(found in the flower playlist) find answers to frequently asked questions below. here is a design that is one of my moms favorites. she collected ephemera. (rest in peace mom) (most asked questions LINK) (most asked questions in video LINK) AND GIRLS WHO ARE NEW TO ME!!!—-BECOME MY FAN HERE (it takes only is so important to me) Category:



  1. thank you. you are very awesome and i love your comments. they mean the world and i am glad you appreciate them :) spread the word to all who are cool like you. you made me smile today :D oh, and your name rocks :D *high five*

  2. its amazing how those little random strokes you make can turn into a beautiful design. you are an inspiration to all nail artists and aspiring ones.

  3. but its to protect the design

  4. i do as many as possible for short nails. try my cute nail playlist and also fun nail playlist :D i understand about the acrylic making them so bad. but! we must paint on!!!!!!

  5. Love, love, I absolutely love it!!!! Please do more and some for short nails. Mine are always to weak to grow out and acrylic makes them worse! Thank you for sharing your beautiful work!

  6. I want to see ther but

  7. hello! i do nails in my shop. the ladies i do are my clients and i am so so happy to inspire you! spread the word and show me what you paint on my fanpage purplechick, it is nice to meet you :D

  8. Do you do your friends nails? Or do you have clients that pay you? I’m 13 an I’ve been doing my moms friends nails an stuff but I don’t know how to get the word out, my friends at school know I do nails an I sometimes go over to their house an stuff but I wanna show people what I can really do! :) thanks for being my inspiration! :)

  9. thanks

  10. You can use rubbing alcohol, vodka, or water to do newspaper transfers. She, however, used vodka.

  11. I love it alot

  12. Thank you so much
    you are wonderful artist..
    I love all your work <3

  13. perfect…..i read through as many questions as i can and try and answer the ones that are hard and not answered in my FAQ list, but i get a comment like this and it makes my day. thank you and i am so h appy you liked your nails and they came out! :) xoxoxoxo

  14. Lol, Robin! I really really really wanted this design on my nails but I didn’t have the tan color you started with. And it took me sooo long but I mixed some polishes and I find it hilarious how close I came to that color. Almost exact! Your nail art is so inspiring. This design is very elegant and beautiful! You inspire me!

  15. WOW! Your mom has wonderful taste! This design is such a classic, Robin!

  16. How do you mix the 2 nail polishes together? Can you ever use acrylic mixed in with polish?

  17. could you help i need a idea for daffodils nails for easter my mom want them for church please thanks

  18. Hello, what is the liquid you use to transfer the newspaper? thanks a lot.
    congratulations for your nail art, you’re really good!

  19. @robinmosesnailart hello robin!!, I love doing nail designs Iam 18 and Iam almost starting beauty school!! I hope to be as good as you and I love your art work , I have a question I kinda feel silly asking .. Are the the acrylic paints .. Like the ones you would use to paint on canvas or is it a special kind?

  20. i luv this

  21. This is the most gorgeous nail tutorial I have ever seen and I’ve watch SO MANY!

  22. violet, thank you so so much! i am so happy you found me, stayed with me and are having fun :) please spread the word to wonderful people like you because this is truly such a wonderful compliment. i am touched and you are so so welcome :) *Huge hug* thank YOU for making me smile :D

  23. Robin, you are a nail goddess. I have been following your designs here on YouTube, and I must say that you are a brilliant inspiration. I didn’t even know how to properly paint my nails a year ago, and now I am complimented. I have found a creative outlet that I never thought possible. I hope other girls and women know they can do this, too. It just takes practice! Inspiration is doing, so, please, Robin keep doing what you do best — inspire. And I just LOVE this design, by the way. :)

  24. @zylke she typically uses nail polish for the solid base color and acrylic paint for the design :)