Ann & Jeff Vandermeer Steampunk Audiobook Part 12

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The VanderMeers (The New Weird) have assembled another outstanding theme anthology, this one featuring stories set in alternate Victorian eras. Michael Moorcock, the godfather of steampunk, is represented by an excerpt from his classic novel The Warlord of the Air. In Lord Kelvin’s Machine, a fine tale from prolific steampunk author James P. Blaylock, mad scientists plot to throw the Earth into the path of a passing comet, declaring that science will save us this time, gentlemen, if it doesn’t kill us first. Michael Chabon’s vivid and moving The Martian Agent, a Planetary Romance recounts the lives of two young brothers in the aftermath of George Custer’s mutiny against Queen Victoria, while historical fantasist Mary Gentle describes a classic struggle between safety and progress in A Sun in the Attic. This is a superb introduction to one of the most popular and inventive subgenres in science fiction.
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Pirate Ships and Tripods This is a documentary short about Tripods & the Pirate Ship. Tripods are small sound reactive light sculptures being sold to fundraise for the Pirate Ship art car project, a completely custom fabricated interactive sculpture. Please Forward …Because Pirate Ships Don’t Build Themselves! More info on LostMachine Andy and these projects at: The Walking Beast Video Production by Christopher Darrow of Synesthesia Studio



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    It is Laura Ivancie, She recorded some of the Lyrics for this video. You can hear her again @8:32

  2. What music is @3:43 lyric “how’s the view / when I climb on top of you” ?

  3. Most Excellent!! Burnerific Tripods, Pirate Ship and Video!! Be Cool if it’d go Viral :~) Keep up the Awesome!!

  4. Yes,
    It is right below the video in the video description.