Angelina Wrona Inspired nails – Beautiful Dolls

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  1. Angelina Wrona’s art can be found at Green Earth too…. Love her! Love you Robin!! Xoxo

  2. um….gosh. someone found the name, but i cannot remember it, i have it marked down was southern something. they were very quick to be famous, it might be in these comments. i have to find one!

  3. Aren’t those porcelain dolls? I used to collected those as a little girl and they totally fit the description;D anyway I luv this it’s SOOOO adorably awesome;D

  4. we have to find those dolls!

  5. awesomeee! she has seen it and said it was an inspiration! she has many wonderful viewers. i hope this helps to spread her name and show more of the world her beautiful art :D my love to you and her, she is wonderful and i am jealous! *hugge hug*

  6. Hey. I just wanted you to know that I know Ang and next time I see her Ill send your way to the video :)

  7. I totally had one of those dolls you were talking about about but I have no idea what they are called. Super amazing!!!

  8. Angelina is my favorite artist….you are my favorite nail artist…..I was BEYOND excited when I found you did this tutorial :-) One of my favorite tattoo artists, Sandi Calistro is amazing and I bet you’d put your badass spin on her work if you did a tutorial on her art! xoxo

  9. Hmmm… I thought for sure that’s what it would be! haha! I think the Blythe dolls were plastic and were meant for playing with. I’m a knitter and crocheter and that’s where I learned about them. Lots of people love to knit/crochet clothes for their Blythe Dolls. Now they are more of a collector’s item.

  10. I have all of them ((:

  11. dang..i got super excited and googled..nope….kind of like that only they were on a stick and stood upright on a shelf with huge dresses and curled up hair kind of like southern bell dresses and big hats etc……but they came in many varieties.

  12. Are you talking about Blythe Dolls?

  13. I love love love. I always enjoy watching and learning from you!!

  14. she is speaking of wrona….(just so you guys know)

  15. she lives in my local town! her husband was my brother’s soccer coach :)

  16. Very amazing!

  17. talented! 

  18. WoW how pretty how much would that cost to have them done???

  19. Holy crap..freaking amazing…luuuuvv it…i wish u could do my nails..

  20. yes, we saw her…i have it written down…since now i am not a beginner at youtube, we are finally starting to have fun :D 

  21. I spelled it wrong, it’s Lori Earley….phenominal art that i know you’d love

  22. I have mentioned Laurie Early’s art, and after this tutorial, i know you’d love her art….please check her out

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