AnachroCon Steampunk Convention

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AnachroCon Steampunk Convention

A feature on AnachroCon, Atlanta’s yearly alternate-history and steampunk convention. This segment was featured on Public Broadcasting Atlanta’s Emmy-nominated and Telly-winning magazine program “This is Atlanta.” View more from “This is Atlanta” at
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  1. Actually the first true lightbulb was invented in 1800 by Humphry Davy, Edison however did modify it into the more common versions we use today. Also, Tesla invented the radio and alternating currents, which I would say eventually led to some fairly substantial thing.

  2. Edison refined the light bulb. He did not invent it.

  3. 4:26

  4. 3:23 i know her, i met her at a steampunk convention last year and she did a talk about corsetry

  5. Yoran Hier kijk jou ”watch” op 4:04!!!!!

  6. Really wierd how he said if tesla didnt exist we would be using steam, tesla didnt discover electricity, electricity was discovered in 600 bc, and was put to use before tesla, by michael faraday, which powered the light bulb by edison, tesla just invented ways of creating electricity and basically renewed it. So if tesla didnt exist, would it be different? Maybe. Would ppl use steam? Hell no

  7. BLAST! I wanted to be there so bad!

  8. what is the song that starts at 3:20..

  9. Want to see more Steampunk goodness visit RemnantNeedsYou

  10. Really have to get to one of these I’ve been so missing out!

  11. 0:26 that is so fucking creepy.

  12. . . . Same here.

  13. “Wow, I was into this from pretty early on”
    That guy was a Hipster.

  14. Haha, LOVE the medieval Batman costume at 1:20 and the steampunk chainsaw at 1:25 (real time: 1:27). BEASTLY take on Boba Fett at 6:40 (real time: 6:43)! Very entertaining video to watch and great cosplays to see.