American Game Players Favor Black Gold’S Amazing Appearance

Posted by on Jun 23, 2012 in Articles | Comments Off

Article by Zhang Lei

American Game Players Favor Black GoldS Amazing Appearance – Computers – Computer Games

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The high popularity of Black Gold in E3 show can best illustrate that this new type of 3D online game greatly meets the tastes of European and American players.

This game is a kind of 3D online game of multiplayers jointly developed by Game Snail and the Russian which has made its debut in E3 show. As the only cross-border online game in E3 show, this game is endowed with punk culture on the base of new magical steam theme. This game subverts the immutable ingredients of a large number of online games from a totally-new perspective. When it makes its debut in E3 show, it has aroused considerable attention of a lot of media from home and abroad. The high popularity in the booth of Black Gold can also illustrate that this transnational surgeon online game greatly meets the tastes of European and American players.[The innovative magic of next generation technology and the connotation of punk culture]The characteristic that this game endeavors to highlight is a new stating point of 3D online games which should be beyond the conventional online games. As for the setting of the game, the game greatly promotes the worldviews of traditional online games to a far-reaching level. The integration of beautiful fantasy style and realistic steam punk style will bring players an unprecedented experience they have never experienced. The strong combination of technology between China and Russia will undoubtedly promotes the Flexi search engine which is developed by Game Snail to a new level. The true 3D graphics of Black Gold is a major highlight at the E3 show which has aroused the interests of American players.