AMDEF 2011 Bakelite 78 with Lastwear Steampunk Designs Live at The Crocodile

Posted by on Jun 23, 2012 in Videos | 16 comments Pictures at http Footage taken at the 4th annual AMDEF Exposition at The Crocodile, presented by Active Entertainment. http http Video provided by Tenacious Ventures:
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here is a tutorial on how to paint clock gears for a really cool looking steampunk, beautiful and dark look with mystery. it is not difficult to do so please give it a try http
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  1. omg i super love this your amazing! now i just need to figure out how to do this to myself XD

  2. you can buy parts in small bags that they use for jewelry and such and glue them on as well =)

  3. make an updated version with gears and other clock contents ! =D

  4. bit of a shame with the silver at the end… really liked it before ya added that… well still think your brilliant ;)

  5. Do you use acrylic paint or actual nail polish??

  6. yessss! i would love to remake this. i will do that :)

  7. it would be fun watching you remake this :) 

  8. this is abosuletly awesome!!!! i really love steampunk and my favorite part of steampunk is the gears. im obsessed with clockworks and stuff. i REALLY love this look!

  9. thank you so much! this is one of my favorite designs to paint. i want to re-do this because this is one of my first videos….i want to give it justice!!! lol :D  *huge hug*

  10. thank you so much. this was one of my first videos and it is NOT great..i want to remake this and give it justice becaue it is one of my favorites to paint EVER..i am so so glad you like it :)

  11. ok. this is AMAZING!!!!!!!

  12. omg i absolutely adore this. i love steampunk. you are an amazing artist. keep up the great work :) <3

  13. thank you so much! it is so nice to meet you :) i share new art every mon, wed and friday! please, if you do try it i would love to see and please share with others who love this sort of look, it is my favorite to design!

  14. That’s very cool! But it might be tricky to do on your own nails. =P

  15. thank you so much :) i am so glad you found them!!!! :) :)

  16. amazing….ur a superb artist!!love ur work,keep up……