Alex Lifeson Gear Interview: Rush “Time Machine Tour” 2011

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Alex Lifeson Gear Interview: Rush “Time Machine Tour” 2011

Alex Lifeson Interview: Legendary guitarist, Alex Lifeson of Rush takes us through his gear setup while prepping for rehearsal during the band’s “Time Machine Tour”. From pedalboard to amp rig, Lifeson explains the guitar effects, processors, and amps he uses from TC Electronic, Hughes & Kettner, and more. He covers the world-class features behind his primary guitar, the Gibson Axcess Les Paul in Royal Crimson and even brings us up close to the stage props keeping him company at stage right, all supporting the tour’s playful “steam punk” theme.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

We try out the awesome mod, THE CITY!!! The City – Jurasbatas Steam-Punk Shotgun – Thundersmacker Balisong Butterfly Knives – FrankFamily Grannie Defence Force – Coolblack11 (Shhhh, It’s a secret for now!) Mr. Cuddlesworth PJ’s – Toboo
Video Rating: 4 / 5



  1. No, the song is The Camera Eye on Moving Pictures.

  2. Never mind I believe the song at 5:21 in is part of Natural Science from Permanent Waves

  3. What’s the song in the background at 5:21 in?

  4. glad you started sharen your selves been waitin since the <<< well cool yeh i am foot happy too

  5. That’s his signal kill switch. But you already knew that. lol :-)

  6. i hate it when they never demo the effects and stuff

  7. That Alex Lifeson Signature Gibson carries an MSRP of $9,000! wow.

  8. always thought he should be louder live or maybe the mics just don’t focus on him

  9. Agreed, been following them since mid 70′s. So great to see they are still just “ordinary guys”, AWESOME review of Alex’s gear!

  10. HUH??????? What did he jus’ say?

  11. The “no idiot stop” button is hilarious.

  12. I truly, truly LOVE these guys. They are so talented and personable. No egos. Just wonderful, ordinary guys doing extraordinary things. God bless RUSH!!!!

  13. true that

  14. Keep on rockin’ Alex. Great interview, very informative! Love your gear….

  15. He falls down and everyone starts to laugh:)

  16. Everything is so new… and neat, most of the gear rundowns usually look weatherd and somewhat used. Everyhting here looks like he just bought it yesterday. Awesome either way!!

  17. Biggest Serbian guitarist of all time !  ;)

  18. Did he just say his rig is “pretty straight-foreward”? Apparently he hasn’t met Buddy Guy or Eric Clapton

  19. In the immortal words of John Henry Bonham, “I’m just a fucking drummer”.

    I don’t see the point in a drum center much less a guitar center.

    I haven’t worked since the funky meters, chic, or deep purple.

    Please hire me, King Canuckian Nyuck Nyuck ;)

  20. gxr5 musical g4 organizer scientist are ya?

    why guitar center won’t invite me to sunset blvd  in november:

  21. he plays the most AWESOME guitars, i wish i could afford an axcess…….


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  24. I Love ed edd & eddy.

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  30. it totally is too. lol xD

  31. I just noticed that Al’s old man impersonation sounds like Mr. Tenpenney from Fallout 3.

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  33. I miss the metro systems…

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  35. This mod should have been called “The Cul-De-Sac”

  36. they did have the heads in fallout 3

  37. Crunchy Love…. Sounds uh….. Nice.

  38. @14:45
    Literally, could NOT stop laughing.

  39. Haha love the ed ed and eddy referance. 

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