Adventures of the League of STEAM – “Zed’s Clutter Calamity”

Posted by on Feb 22, 2013 in Videos | 34 comments

When the League leaves to investigate an anonymous report, zombie Zed is left home alone to clean up the house! Remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel for even more League of STEAM adventures, coming soon. To learn more about the League of STEAM, our characters and equipment, please visit our website at

MY BOING BOING IDENTITY CRISIS: Animators Matt Burnett and Ben Levin, aka For Tax Reasons, produced this BBtv exclusive animated short with all the elements that make Boing Boing great: Steampunk, LARP armor, papercraft, Commodore 64s, MMORPGs, Final Fantasy, suicide cults, and meditations on bad websites. For more episodes of Boing Boing tv, visit
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  1. No, not really. I noticed that before, I just chose to ignore it!

  2. wait why was the bomb still in his holster if the bomb was taken and used on him?

  3. is it just me or is Zed so cute!

  4. hahaha, Nice Steam punk pipe @ 00:43

  5. i see a bar code.

  6. where is the easter egg you speak of, leagueofSTEAM? lol

  7. I like to clean ZED STYLE!

  8. Lazy ass ghosts, just sweeping all the shit under the carpet

  9. 0:46 I know how u feel Zed. I’m the same way everytime I clean the kitchen.

  10. Zed and I clean the same way. :/

  11. @whiskeymedic Like what, Michael Jacksonelli’s “Thrills”?

  12. Too true.

    My zombie, Benjiman, makes the best Brains and Curry you could ever taste.

  13. r u guys gonna be at spwf this may??

  14. i need to hire zed to clean up my place

  15. Note to self: if I ever go out I’m taking my Zombie with me

  16. my heavens….where did you acquire such a fine specimen of Zombie…..i simply must have one……………………. do they come in a miniature?

  17. Oh that is so AWSOME!!! I cant wait for more episodes, you guys are terrific! Thanks for replying. XD

  18. Congratulations! You’re the first person to have noticed that little easter egg! And yes, it was planned that way!

  19. When you guys went out to hunt werewolves, did that lead to the episode “Full Moon Fiasco” or was that just something for this episode?

  20. fezzes are cool. Zed is in good company.

  21. does incredable even begin to describe you guys?


  23. Great writing, great animation, great sound.

  24. 25 people are in a suicide cult

  25. oh yeah the commodor 64


  27. Old people and computers :D 

  28. How many people play pokemon? Does this seem like something THAT barry would do?

  29. Lol. “Are you guys in a suicide cult?”

  30. i came as fast as i could *chuckle*!

  31. :’( poor robots. you treat them like theyre slaves or not human or something.

    Oh and the koreans.

  32. lol

  33. awesome

  34. you wrecked me like boingboing wrecked every single good animation standard