Adventures of the League of STEAM – “Monkey Business”

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Adventures of the League of STEAM – “Monkey Business”

Mysterious disturbances have been reported near the site of the old zoo. Time for the League of STEAM to investigate! This is the first episode of the new “Adventures of the League of STEAM” web series! Please subscribe to this channel to catch the latest episodes as they’re completed! Visit for more information about the League.
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  1. I’ve discovered the steampunk world a few months ago, but didn’t find here anything (I’m from North Germany). I’m sooo glad that I found your chanel. Keep going!

  2. I’m just newly aware of the whole steampunk world and i have to say I’m hooked already, this is just brilliant! keep up the great work.

  3. In a just world it would be steam punk or Pokemon I suppose :,(

  4. those boots look painfulD:

  5. so into the steam punk style X3

  6. ghost monkeys rub some bacon on it

  7. I watched your spoof with Epic Meal Time, decided to check out your channel…hit the subscribe button :D

  8. those backpacks must be fuckimn hevy

  9. Poor monkeys… =/

  10. i really liked all this steampunk shenanigans, i really hope you guys can do more of this, i’m eager watch all the rest

  11. This was filmed at the abandoned Los Angeles Zoo in Griffith Park! A very cool place to visit if you ever get the chance! In fact, our other episode “Full Moon Fiasco” was filmed in another section of the same site, as well!

  12. o__O where was this filmed <3

  13. The first, the best and the greatest! LOS!!! Dr Brassy

  14. Great video, really appreciate the effort you put into this.Will definitely return the favour with a few links to your site.

  15. Hey, I just want to say that I really enjoyed watching your video. You have good views; keep up the good informative information.

  16. love the documentary style with the steampunk, we’re planning on some steampunk vids ourself soon,

  17. Sorry guys this film has already been made…toy know it had Will Smith starring in it.

  18. Ahh you guys have the sweetest steam punk gear ever

  19. You guys are like the steampunk ghostbusters.

  20. This is so great! I honestly love the league of steam. But *dammit* do I hate purely aesthetic steampunk goggles. USE them for something!

  21. STEAMPUNK GHOSTBUSTERS!!! You guys are the awesome!

  22. Crackitus, where did you get your boots?

  23. Oh my goth call Ghost Busters!!! O.O

  24. This is great in every way! Except you need more accents on the voices? Sound too present-day