abstract steampunk couture nail art how to match jewelry tutorial design by robin moses 628

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(found in dark playlist) here is a beautiful couture design that is dark but still beautiful. there is nowhere this nail art really fits so i am just putting it in the dark section. please comment on if you think it fits better somewhere else :) my love and thanks to all helping me spread the word! (most asked questions LINK) robinmosesnailart.blogspot.com (most asked questions in video LINK) www.youtube.com www.facebook.com robinmosesnailart.blogspot.com twitter.com robinmosesnailart.tumblr.com pinterest.com AND GIRLS WHO ARE NEW TO ME!!!—-BECOME MY FAN HERE (it takes only seconds.it is so important to me) nailartgallery.nailsmag.com

A review of the Abrons Art Center’s Steampunk Haunted House, which ran at the Henry Street Settlement between October 28 to 31.
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  1. That’s so cool. It’s almost peacocky at the end…steampunk peacock; does that exist yet?

  2. These are lovely! I looove the color combination … I would not have thought of blue and purple on a dark taupe like that. :) By the way, I must tell you how useful your hand-swipe gesture has been for me to use for my own editing… saves a lot of listening on parts where I know I am rambling on. :)

  3. I love you ( no homo) I wish I had a fraction of your talent!!!!!

  4. good idea!

  5. hahaha its in my one year anniversary video! but my freezer just will not die? its the weirdest thing? thank you so much for watching my designs, abstract designs are not my favorite either…but, sometimes i like them. i am so so glad you are watching and commenting. i love the feedback and it makes me laugh when you finally know its the freezer. we call it “the bird in the freezer” now you know what to say if you see someone ask ;) *high five*

  6. Finally! You told us what the wierd noise is that is in every video! It’s a dying freezer! Oh that has been mind boggling me for almost a year now! Great nail design. I love watching your abstract designs because I suck so bad at abstract designs and it’s nice to see how exactly you come up with these.

  7. you almost need a steampunk playlist! I love it when you do these nail types!! so lovely!

  8. Ugh, i can’t stand tutorials where people try to sound perfect, no laughing, no personality, blah. Make up tutorials where the make up artist try’s to look like a doll. BORING! Do not EVER change! I love when you talk to clients, i mean, a tutorial with you and the doc – Pure awesome! Perfection is boring!

  9. thank you. i cant stand fake, photoshop perfection that i know is fake. it is like trying to be as thin as a model on a magazine that is a lie…..you can never learn a lie. *high five* ………there are so many people who want me to be “professional” and photoshop and do voice overs etc…but it is just so fake to me. i cant do it. id rather teach less and laugh more. im glad you appreciate that.

  10. I love that you don’t cut out the “mistakes” xD

  11. wow,ur so great¡

  12. Those are rad!!

  13. Cool

  14. Wow….this is one of my favorit….

  15. 1:20 sounds like you said ‘sorry about the penguins’ hehe! these are lovely, miss robin! it doesn’t have to fit a category to be rad. :D

  16. my clumsy ass can break a bone there if they turn the lights off… D:

  17. Zack Morris is responsible for this? I doubt that Mr. Belding would approve.

  18. I like how imaginative it is, not just horror cliche of blood and gore.

  19. Aww well that sounds fun too however. At least you’re in a country that celebrates Halloween.

  20. It has an Alice in Wonderland theme this year.

  21. What about this year?

  22. This guy needs to get a pop shield.

  23. same here!

  24. Cracked.com!

  25. I would’ve liked to have seen it. 

  26. too bad I’m such a homebody loser. I missed it this year…..