Abney Park – Under the Radar live – steampunk music

Posted by on Sep 7, 2012 in Videos | 21 comments

Abney Park perform a track off their new album Æther Shanties live at the Wonderland: Tim Burton Ball at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco.



  1. I’ve seen them. They’re amazing.

  2. Have to admit, love the music, hate the vocals.

  3. Tickets arrived yesterday to see these guys! Luckily, my mum and dad like them too, so we’re all going to see them :D

  4. then listen to the CD version, or search the lyrics


  6. Then you sir are not a true ‘abneyparkfan’ because she adds to the band in a major way, this is live, of course its gonna sound like this. i for one like the band with her. I have every album and havent heard her ‘SCREECHING’ once(of those she’s on). maybe you’re deaf, or tone deaf….that’s a pretty sad bash cos of a live video. I’m not in the band, or I’d ask you to no longer be a fan, though being IN the band would be a dream come true!!
    Besides she’s smokin’ hot too!!

  7. its as if the fable creators made real people

  8. do any of you happen to know what cords hes playing on the mandolin in the chorus?

  9. She does try to overpower his voice. I wish they would get rid of her. They used to not have a girl back-up. She’s his cousin though, so we will all have to put up with her screeching I’m afraid

  10. Nathan is one of the most talented people ever, guitars, mandolins, violins, I det hes played a lute before 

  11. they’ might be in florida at the same time I’m going to be in florida.
    I just don’t know where when or whether it’s actually happening.

  12. I don’t doubt that. :) Seeing bands live has just never interested me all that much. Abney Park is my favourite band, and their stage performances are very unique, hence why I wanted to see them live – which, in the meantime, I have and enjoyed. ;) I have seen other performances of my favourite bands live, and while I definitely enjoyed them as well, it’s still not a thing I’ll go too much out of my way to experience. It’s just not really my thing, that’s all. :)

  13. I so want to see them live…….

  14. Dude, how are there not more bands you want to see live? Seeing a good concert can be a really magical experience, even if it isn’t Abney Park.

  15. I want his fucking clothes!

  16. the tone of her voice is more high pitched, thus the equipment picks it up easier. the album version sounds better.

  17. too many people on the scene
    in MetallicA for exmple only 4, but they’re making thousands insane

  18. Lol, you would! I think it’s more like gnomes, myself. Pixie wings would get in the way of the bounciness.

  19. Is it just me, or does it seem like she’s up there trying to overpower his voice?

    Why can’t we have female vocalists who can use more than their back-up vocals and bouncy mammaries, Captain…?

  20. I know, I just wanted to rectify the thing about them being not related. XDD people can be related without sharing a last name. ^^

  21. either way incest is sexual intercourse. because I can still hug my cousin even if she’s female.