Abney Park – Sleep Isabella remastered version – steampunk music

Posted by on Jun 23, 2012 in Videos | 17 comments

With YouTube now allowing higher quality/resolution videos I’ve uploaded this remastered version.



  1. I do adore that bass line.

  2. Я своеему коню сделал потрясающую полумеханическую “броню” в стиле стимпанк (written in russian)

  3. I miss Finn’s memorable gyrations. ;_;

  4. LoVe this …..

  5. meh this is that kinda misunderstood style of steampunk where ppl think the punk part is liek 80′s punk….


  7. one of my favorite songs:D love it:)

  8. OMYGOSH IT DOES!!!!! That’s weirdly awesome.

  9. Love the song :)

  10. That violin had 5 strings OMG i WANT IT X3

  11. Awesome, a fellow appreciator of Repo.

  12. wait was zydrate not blue? i have not seen that movie in a while.

  13. hallo natan rob nice found you here the german lady from wa tacoma have meet you 2009 first time steampunk later steamcon your music super i still have your pin my cd i bying :) some good photos send me note i will send you . keebing up all merhaba helga

  14. i like dieselpunk too …much less air balloons much more airplanes

  15. супер – да здравствует экипаж дирижабля “Офелия” -)))!

  16. ah, steampunk. The New Gypsy. XD ROCK ON!

  17. If you guys think that violin is sick you should see Nathanial’s new one that lights up depending on how he plays.