Abney Park, Live From London, Steampunk Music

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Abney Park, Live From London, Steampunk Music

Here is the first part of Abney Parks concert in London, UK, from 2012. If you are interested in booking Abney Park for your event, go to www.abneypark.com/booking
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  1. Was an awesome concert :D
    I missed the beginning of abneys set as I was chatting to Prof. Elemental in the bar X3

  2. We were there, right down the front and all over this video! :D

  3. Cant wait until the New Years concert!! Its going to be an epic way to bring in the new year!!

  4. (nearly speechless)

  5. just.. beautiful… and no dislikes… 

  6. Woohhhh I’m the first row *^_^* That was an epic concert, I can die with no regrets now <3 Thanks for that night and the nexts ones to come! You guys give me a lot of strenght to carry on everyday with your music.

    Oh and you all also signed my setlist, I have it on my bedroom wall *^_^* <3

  7. I was at this gig and they were fucking awesome hands down

  8. the story that never starts

  9. Can anyone tell me what’s the title of the second song?

  10. Hey Captain Roberts and his crew! ehh just wanted to let ya know, ya been a inspiration to me this year. You gave me the inspiration to pick up a bass guitar, learn some tabs and put a band together we call: The Copper Cogs. Well anyways thanks, didnt get to see ya in london but hey! maybe sometime in the future I will. Best of luck to your music, will keep buying the albums and such

  11. I very much enjoyed seeing you at the Scala just before my birthday ^_^

  12. This band. I can’t. Where have they been all my life?