Abney Park – Building Steam

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Track 02 – Building Steam From the 2009 Abney Park album Æther Shanties All music, titles, and copyrighted material belongs to Abney Park and respected owners. I claim no ownership of any material in this video.
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  1. Solo is badass

  2. You know it’s Abney Park when you can’t see the dislike bar.

  3. I’m glad I’m not the only one picky about their lyrics. I think they have a great sound, but I tend to hate their lyrics…

  4. whoop whoop 

  5. im not the only juggalo who digs steampunk hell yeah brother. Whoop Whoop from my fam to yours.

  6. I hope this song never ends. Why it must finish at 4:01? I want more!!

  7. Very much so. Love it!

  8. Great tuneage. WHOOP WHOOP! ( That’s Juggalo for “Cheers Respect!”)

  9. me too…

  10. Yea its that way everywhere sadly :P

  11. that mandolin is just awesome!

  12. Love 2:30-2:56. Just makes me want to dance under a moonlit night, crazily.


  13. And in too many cases the result is, kind of ugly. A while ago at Motor City Comic con, I got a real, wind up pocket watch with windows showing the internal clockwork. It is a thing of beauty. I didn’t even look at the battery powered watches as I enjoy a good old clock movement, and the white plastic in many battery watches is just, ugly.

    I feel the same about music boxes. If you must show the internal workings, get one with brass gears, not ugly plastic.

  14. actualy the technology would be mostly the same (if the same physics aplied), the diference is mostjy in the style, the use of things and the people, at least if you thin of an steampunk alternative of the “recent” history.
    also think that a lot of our technology was invented in the steam age, just that now it comes in a siny colorfull plastic box

  15. Imagine if the age of steam never ended and things kept progressing that way, we would all be in steam powered autos, have portable phonographs instead of MP3 players, I mean, it’s basic a present that never was.

  16. awesome!

  17. ha ha ha ha good one

  18. Did you mean bitches who are steampunk, or “Steampunk, bitches, aww yeah!”
    A comma makes a huge difference.

  19. lol i saw them play this live yesterday and it was amazing

  20. I saw today that someone mentioned this band in a comment so I figured I would you tube them. Now I am addicted to their music!

  21. i keep seeing a guy ridding a jury rigged boosted air craft like thing, mad max shot gun on the railing with a convoluted trigger mechanism smoke poring from the engines, broken wind shield and dozens of dials and gauges all in the red zone while narrowly avoiding other craft and buildings in a massive tumble down city with other craft like yours clattering along side :D