A Steampunk Opera, New Albion 1.wmv

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A Steampunk Opera, New Albion 1.wmv

The second song from The Dolls Of New Albion, A Steampunk Opera by Paul Shapera. Download and own!: mochalab.bandcamp.com To listen to all of Act 1: mochalab.bandcamp.com To hear (or heaven forbid buy) the entire completed album: mochalab.bandcamp.com For ongoing updates of the show visit steampunkopera.wordpress.com
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  1. i bought the whole album with all the 4 acts.. and i dont regret it.. its playing up and down for about 2 weeks now x)

  2. I love her voice and the whole sound of this piece.
    She sounds like she has a Swedish accent as well! Love it

    And I am awesome. There’s nothing to forget.




  6. Check out the links in the dooblidoo/description bar section area.

  7. where can I get the lyrics?

  8. Fanatastic!

  9. Oh, thank you. Useful information (:

  10. Albion is, in fact, the oldest known name for the Island of Great Britain! It’s a pretty obscure fact, but now you know.

  11. Holy cow, this is fantastic! I bought the overture tune, but now I’m gonna have to buy the whole album…

  12. This opera has existed for a while now, this is just the name of the first song after the overture so they won’t change it. I have had many cases where I start writing something that I find out exists so I just change it a little.

  13. It’s alright. I know what it feels like to have a great idea for something, only to find out it has already been used. Good luck with the story. 

  14. I’m honestly sorry I asked.