A New Friend – Steamcest

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Art from – Tumblr Song – A New Friend Artist – I Hate This Place Fandom – The Lorax Pairing – Steamcest~~~
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  1. AAAHHHHH!!!!! I LOVE steamcest!! This song is just perfect sflisjf i’m gonna have a heart attack! Pure beauty~!

  2. yes… because I think steamcest fans are afraid to get ranted at only for liking the pairing…

  3. I know, Steamcest gets hardly any recognition anymore. :c

  4. .///. *hides away* and to hear that from /you/ makes /me/ blush ><” *hugs you* I miss this ship so much on tumblr… v.v

  5. OH MY GOD to hear YOU say that is amazing. ;-;’ Your steamcest videos always make ME tear up!

  6. …this vdeo is so cute and beautiful and… I don’t know yet I almost have to cry when I watch it… when I watch any steamcest video actually… v.v… 

  7. I’ll admit that I have the strong urge to use Virus!Greed at the end of almost all my videos. >.>;

  8. this is awesome~
    and the end made me laugh~ xD

  9. i love oncieee

  10. I love the end of this

  11. This song is perfect for steamcest

  12. I blame Nightmare-Kisser 100% for all this.
    And OH GOD, I KNOW RIGHT? Painful picture. ;A;

  13. This is the perfect song for Steamcest XD I love it!! also that picture on 0:21 is so sad! I almost cried it took a major blow to my feels!

  14. Lol I got inspired to make a robot almost done! :)

  15. :) I love you :) and this fandom

  16. YEAH SUUUURE~ <3

  17. So is that a yes?xD

  18. I’ll file the divorce papers for youtube.

  19. Oh haha I get it I thought something else haha

  20. O_o sorry if I confused you :( I’m sooooo sorry

  21. I’ll file the divorce papers for Sony Vegas.

  22. I love you….please say you’ll be mine :)

  23. This artwork is just beautiful!

  24. Oh god… this is so perfect…
    I just fell in love with this <333