A Designer?s Perspective on Designer footwear

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The footwear industry has seen a sea change in recent years. Technology has definitely given it an edge over the other design industry. Designer footwear is no longer a business just set to meet the requirement of a small group of people. Indeed, it has grown into giant brands and designers have become professionals. They cater to a global market. Footwear designers are highly paid experts who work for a team who will help execute the designs and market it for the brand.

A footwear designer has to create designs for clients in the country and also global. So once the targeted group is decided, designers will sketch their designs roughly and give it a shape and life. The clients can also be corporate, new start ups and individuals who want some custom made quality shoes for a specific occasion.

Before actually designing the designer footwear, a mood board is created for the client to get them into the trend. This is done with magazine clips and samples of materials likely to be used. A research on the targeted group is done keeping in mind their style of living and environment.

With the inspiration of the client the designer gives the design more shape and colour. At this stage again, the target price of a pair and where the shoes are going to be sold will definitely influence the design. The texture used, the kind of sole to be used and an added design like gems or a bow, will also be the designer’s concern. The design or sketch has to go to the research department and check if the design is in accordance with the guidelines. A CAD drawing of the design is more understandable.

Now is the stage where pattern cutting and samples are made. The actual product is made and the client will try it on and come back with their feedback.

Once production starts, the strategy of marketing designer footwear is the most important phase. This stage enables the finished product to reach the right customer on order basis at the right time.High end designer shoes can be launched in a fashion show. Marketing techniques vary when the stores are going to be sold in exclusive stores or outlets. Also, online shopping vendors will have to use a different strategy. The designer not only designs but also researches and markets the product innovatively to send across the idea to the customers directly. Advertising plays a vital role here. A designer usually gets repeat order only when the initial designs are a success with the people. It is every designer’s dream to make their clients happy and keep getting feedbacks to keep their design updated.

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