A CLOCKWORK ORANGE NEON: robin moses steampunk nail art clock tutorial

Posted by on Jun 23, 2012 in Videos | 19 comments

(found in the “hot nail” playlist) here is a fun and SUPER bright design to do for summer. its fun, simple, it can be done on ANY length of nail and look fantastic! i used bff best boyfriend by essie as my base coat :) please share this everywhere you can. :) find me and share your work at robinmoses.com robinmosesnailart.blogspot.com twitter.com fan page robinmosesnailart(fanpage) AND GIRLS WHO ARE NEW TO ME!!!—-BECOME MY FAN HERE nailartgallery.nailsmag.com (it takes only seconds and is so important to me)
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  1. freaking cute
    will be trying these out as well :-)

  2. LOL :) *high five* you made me laugh…………this TIME!

  3. i like this design, not too *time* consuming, haha i couldn’t resist

  4. super awesome clockwork! and the end shot in the other light man did they just POP so bright! <3 fantastic *hugs*

  5. i am going to check today. thank you so so much for this missy, you are….amazing. *huge hug*

  6. (in reply to elusive) I think if you get some camera lights ($45) from like amazon. It’s definitely helped me out a lot when I had a crappier camera. I just got a new one so those mixed together are AMAZING!!!!!

  7. never see anything like this for long long time hehe ^^

  8. You can make anything look amazing, I don’t even know what to think!

  9. Love it!

  10. Steampunk is right up my alley! i really loved the design!

  11. hey robin thats a cool tutorial.
    do you own a nail salon?

  12. Just found U & loving your vids, just subbed …. have a bless weekend/week :)

  13. thank you :) lolol

  14. Beautiful time!!!! Lol

  15. Sooooo cute!!!!)))))Love this)))

  16. cool inspiration and beautifully done!

  17. I really hope you do get a better camera! I LOVE LOVE your videos, you’re my favorite nail art guru and it’d be so awesome if you got a better camera, so it’d be easier on the eyes & easier to see the designs. :) Thank you!

    p.s. – whoever you do nails for is super lucky. :D

  18. where did you get your nail dryer???

  19. I love this nail design!! :)