5 Awesome Innovations That Bring Sexy Back … To The Future

Posted by on Jul 1, 2012 in Articles | Comments Off

Article by Andy Biggins

5 Awesome Innovations That Bring Sexy Back To The Future – Technology

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There’s something to be said about Timberlake’s “Sexy Back” from two years ago ” when half the people were trying to mesh noir and technology together to form some steampunk-ish child, the song (and mostly the video) evokes a wanting for bringing sexy back to technology.

That gives everyone a bit of re-decorating to look forward to ” throw out the wires, the dials and the big, clunky forms ” leave in the sleek, shiny plastic, brushed metal and the slimmest possible sizes. This is, to say, in the future, clutter is a no-no, and using walls, tables and other fixtures will act as screens and input devices.

For those planning the transition as early as today, here are a few gadgets, concepts and innovations you have to look forward to, and make space for.(Most of these are concepts and do not exist yet in reality. It’s a wonder how other people’s imaginations overlap our own desires for the future.)

Multi-Touch Technology ” 6 years after Minority Report and we’re still obsessing about re-creating the futuristic interface that Anderton used in the movie ” case in point? That video for “Ayo Technology.” (Which, surprisingly, also stars Timberlake.)

The difference of Multi-Touch Technology with similar touch-screen interfaces is that it can accept multiple inputs at the same time. This means multiple fingers = multiple inputs, and it also means that multi-user applications is possible. This is already widely used and may come in a photosensor/screen wall near you. Apple’s iPhone is one example of this ” the iPhone uses Multi-Touch scrolling and picture manipulation technology.

Vaio Zoom ” While not designed by Sony, this Yanko Design Concept is an interesting piece. What started out as “showing what’s behind the screen” wallpaper series, this concept takes it a lot further by implementing holographic displays over a transparent screen.

Nonobject Behind the Scenes Camera ” To help shape what the future will become, Nonobject has dedicated their time to creating fully plausible (and yet currently unbuildable) designs that are created to inspire future tinkerers. The idea behind the Nonobject Behind the Scenes Camera is being able to take photos from scenes that are both in front of you and behind you. Thing is, how would you take a photo without getting your face, body and hands in the way? I have no clue either.

Proclaim Speaker DMT-100 ” These futuristic eyeball speakers just look amazing. With pivoting arms, the “eyes” can be positioned so that the sound waves can travel in different directions, plus, it also helps if you have a space problem and need something that can be neatly tucked into place.

Printer Table ” Again, from Yanko Design, this sleek device marries a furniture into something a little more useful. Want that report printed out while you have coffee? No sweat ” using this device, one doesn’t need to run to the office printer while enjoying coffee with clients, just load in a fresh ream of paper in the faux drawers and you’re good to go!

About the Author

Andy Biggins knows that life isn’t a box of chocolates but he loves it as sweetly as if it were! Travelling and Gadgets rule his world, and if you want to know more about his thoughts on just about those 2 topics, swing by his site The Big Life

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Andy Biggins

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