3 quick Steampunk Outfit ideas

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Article by C.J Hooks

3 quick Steampunk Outfit ideas – Shopping – Clothing

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Steampunk attire for women is based on Victorian-era clothing style, but incorporates elements of the industrial. Brass gears, fittings, leather and rivets are plentiful in steampunk fashion. Certain designers have described steampunk in general as the junction of romance and technology. Anything anachronistic and fictional are both mixed as well as matched with diverse elements. For example, it’s totally acceptable for women to wear baby t-shirts with bustle skirts, goggles or corsets along with pantaloons plus riding boots. Steampunk attire can range from brown and neutral colors to deep and bold ones. It has a tendency to sport multiple layers with only a little skin exposure. Although hints of cleavage are often present, having high necklines is a must, as well as having your legs covered by stockings

lets talk women

1. CorsetsAlthough these weren’t introduced during Victorian times, the narrow-waisted silhouettes they give is a trademark of the era. Cotton, pinstripe and velvet corsets all possess a steampunk vibe.Now, corsets are often considered outerwear and in the context of steampunk, you will see them worn over blouses or shifts.

2. Bustle Skirts (often with padded backsides)Bustle skirts provide the other half of the characteristic female silhouette in the victorian area. These skirts could be either straight in a “pencil” style, or round and full circle with many variations in between. One modern version seen today includes miniskirts with gathered lace back pieces attached. its really easy to be creative with bustle skirts not to mention how really nice they look.

3. Menswear and the Military for all

Women’s steampunk attire is quite open to adopting fashion elements known as being worn traditionally be men or of a masculine style. Vests as well as waistcoats can be seen worn over ruffled blouses. Instead of skirts, well-tailored trousers are acceptable. Men’s coats and tails might even be worn over bustles. to give that extra flavor of uniqueness. Earth tones were very common in the victorian era. Brown and black leather belts, suspenders, or boots will absolutely shout ‘steampunk’. They are also easy to match to nearly any outfit so they can be a cost saving feature as well.Lace on women, and even to a lesser extent on men, is another way to provide any ensemble with just the rite touch.military coats and other various jackets have been added to the unisex fashion that provides a fashionable look for both especially when topped off with accessories.

eye patches, pocket watches, and top hats are also known as stylish accessories for both men and women alike.

There is no limit to what one can create with his or hers imagination. the best part about the Steampunk style is YOU CAN NEVER GO WRONG.. its purely creativity and everyone expresses it in very uniques ways.

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C.J Hooks

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