1937 Maytag Engine model 72 repair #64

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1937 maytag multi-motor, she’s a rollin’, now she’s a runnin’,,,, two turns on the flywheel and she’s off and running,, go back to number one video of this series to see how we got to this point, rust, rust, and more rust, no problem,, let no metal parts miss a trip through the electrolysis tank,, (no!, sand or bead blasting) clean metal = rust-oleum rusty metal primer under three coats of dark hunter green enamel, spray can, new old stock water transfer decals, but not before a complete rebuild,,, new rings, lightly honed cylinders, hand cut gaskets for a full fit, gasoila or that old time type,brown peratex gasket compond used on all gaskets, the gas tank sealed inside with kreem fuel tank liner, new spark plugs and wires, bushings,replaced as needed, chase all threads with a tap or die, check valve cleaned and set air tight,,, made in the USA, Newton,Iowa,, rebuilt here on the east coast of Arkansas, leave comments, subscribe, pass it on, to be continued,,,
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  1. Holy cow! Will you keep the original Flywheel on? I didn’t notice very much vibration… Are the bushings in danger?

  2. Nice. How much power do these things make? I’m pondering snagging a 72 and making a small generator out of it, to run a fan/heater in my garage..

  3. beautiful
    been fun watching the rebuild process


  4. Thats a grand little motor you have there. I just wish I had one in my collection. Pretty rare in the UK. Best wishes from George in the UK

  5. Sam,

    Great job. I’ve been waiting to see her run. Very cool. Thank you for sharing the rebuild with us. It has been a fun trip.

  6. Awesome job, shopdog. I may not know much about engines, but it was fun watching you go from that rusty mess to this fine machine. Well done!

  7. Great video and awesome job as usual! Keep up the good work.

  8. I don’t leave a lot of comments, however your engine series has been fantastic. A person who is getting started in the old iron hobby will find your channel a gold mine of information on doing things correctly, and building an engine to be proud of. If you ever decide to sell collections of your vids on dvd I would be interested for sure.
    I look forward to your next project.

  9. Dog, ur hillbilly ass impresses me every time. Luv ur outlaw skills n ur Gangster style. How u think out side the box to make Sumthin work. Impressive, keep the vids cumn!!!

  10. You’re a legend man.

  11. Glad to see this video finally!!! Great work Sam.

  12. That was really neat.I really enjoyed this series.Thank you Shopdogsam !
    Ontario, Canada.

  13. Engine runs great. Need to thank you for one of your tips. The steel rod clamps that are pushed into a hole – can’t remember what they’re called – but they work great. Used them to hold a part in position to silver solder today. Been using Gasoila to seal steam fittings this week, too. Thanks!