1937 Maytag Engine model 72 repair #56

Posted by on Dec 4, 2012 in Videos | 4 comments

Remember what we started with? just an old fifty dollar maytag, twin cylinder, kick start, air cooled, 2-cycle, 5/8 HP, with a v-belt pully, eisemann flywheel magneto, now with a new coat of rust-oleum dark hunter green enamel paint,, spray can,, leave a comment, subscribe, pass it on,, to be continued



  1. Please…for the love of god… We need to hear your model 72 run.. All that work for nothing it seems..

  2. When is shopdogsam gonna finish his series on timing a Maytag 92 without a timing jig?? I replaced the points in one of my engines, putting it in what I thought was the same position as the bad set, but now, it WILL NOT RUN worth a hoot!!!! The old points ran good until the points that were already so thin from rust, they broke. The new points look great, plug has spark, but engine runs terrible, hard to start. I can tell timing isnt right comparing piston position with my other engines.

  3. Time to “Light” er up,,,,,,

  4. Should be able to hear this run soon… I do hope you show us when you start it for the first time.