1937 Maytag Engine model 72 repair #48

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1937 Maytag Engine model 72 repair #48

On with the show, let ‘er dry and sand ‘er down, warped sideways, broken bracket, bent, rusted very bad, yes it had a dent in it, brazed, been in the electrolysis tank, wire brushed, degreased, this segment guard is assembly number 3957, look at-er now, rust free, primed, spot putty, sanded with 320 wet or dry sandpaper, used dry, going to be dark hunter green,, rust-oleum enamel, spray can, high gloss, three coats, over rusty metal primer, new water transfer decals, this old junk worn out, rusty antique washing machine engine is going to be looking good, 1937 Maytag model 72, multi-motor, made in the USA, Newton, Iowa, air cooled, kick start, 2-cycle, twin cylinder with opposed pistons, 5/8 horsepower, with an eisemann flywheel magneto for the high tension ignition system, coil and points, v-belt pully, 16-1 on the gas oil mix,,, part # 12724 starter ratchet balls are 3/8″ steel, you will need four, pt. # 12803 split end taper pin used in the S-307 starter ratchet wheel is a # 4 by 1 3/4 long, the ratchet pinion # S-310 is held on to the crankshaft with #14430 snap ring,,, just repaired, rebuilt, fixed up, not restored,, enjoy the show, leave a comment, subscribe, pass it on,, to be continued,
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  1. thanks Sam, i found it and its real helpful


  2. ,, done went and done that video, check my playlists,, shopdogsam

  3. hey sam, i got a question for you, could you do a video on pretty much what an electrolysis tank is and how to set one up?

  4. ,, 320 wet or dry, I used it dry this time, followed by a brown scuff pad,,,

  5. LOL 4:43 love this dude

  6. Haven’t seen anybody use Nitro Stan in 35 years!! Old School Sam, fine job Buddy!!☺

  7. Great video

  8. looks like you are in the home stretch buddy . great video

  9. you sure know what your doing . I do like your turn table that is one great idea. from Bob

  10. @huerdon on spot putty I always use 320 to get a real good feathered edge and i wet sand. I noticed Sam dry sanded.

  11. The only one that doesn’t do much for me is Tin Man. Other than that, 10/10