1937 Maytag Engine model 72 rebuild #7

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To stop, turn left, it says it right there on the air cap, ‘Used parts’ cast iron cracks up close, if we may talk parts for a little bit, small differances, all parts are not the same, made in the USA, in the year of 1937, just think about it, this design would be made for 10+ years more,, when electricty was made available, yes it would be the death of these engines, maytag wringer washing machines with old smokey, oiley, gas burning, did I say smoking, yes they are supposed to do that,16-1 oil and gas mixture, multi-motors would then be replaced with electric motors and continue to keep those dirty shirts clean for years to come, gonna need lye soap, get the fire started under the big kittle, here comes the neighbors to help, more biscuits, they are going to be hungry, that story goes on, get back dog!, get back! yes, she got a biscuit,, dog under the porch and the cat up a tree,, it don’t get much better than that, these two cylinder, 2cycle engines would then be put to use on everything that needed small horsepower, portable engines, such as but not limited to, toy go-karts, wooden wagons, ice cream freezers, table saws, meat grinders, john deere bicycles, boat motor, grinding wheels, generators, battery chargers, we gonna need them batteries, the grand old opry on monday night, yes we lived that far up the side of black mountain, it was broadcast on saturday night, WSM, Nashville, TN, think about that,, not to think about how many were scraped, and these engines were



  1. That’s great Sam, I’m really enjoying this series. I’m also looking forward to seeing your electrolysis setup, having just started trying that myself for my own engine restorations. Best wishes from England.

  2. well, I did see that crack ill look and send you another UPS box on the way will be there by monday.

  3. well, I did see that crack ill look and send you another UPS box on the way will be there by monday