1937 Maytag Engine model 72 rebuild #67

Posted by on Jan 7, 2013 in Videos | 6 comments

She said, look at them little holes in that there muffer,,, more stuff from the east coast of Arkansas, questions, answers, comments, back pressure!, you got to have it, just because it’s a muffler, el cheapo or not, it’s got to have back pressure,,, even the length of a straight pipe on a two cycle engine will have a great effect on how good or bad it will run,,,, the engine at hand is a 1937 twin cylinder maytag washing machine engine *multi-motor*, kick start, air cooled, with opposed pistons, eisemann flywheel type magneto, 16 to 1 on the gas-oil mix, this has been rebuild #67, (it’s rollin’, now it needs a shipping crate) leave comments, subscribe, pass it on,, to be continued,



  1. Part 2: I figured if anyone had seen such things it would be you. I know 5/8 hp is not a lot to work with on something like a bike, but probably not so for the none work producing kind of things.


  2. They so look so much better with the decals centered and level! I thought it would be interesting to see some of these engines powering things other than their original use but still in an antique(ish) way like an old bicycle, or on some kind of nostalgic contraption, or even just driving some steam-punk device. Have you done such things? Or, have you seen some cool stuff you wouldn’t mind sharing with us? I’d love to have one of these engines to do that with, I thought you’d be the one to ask.

  3. What’s the compression on these engines? I know most 2 cycle engines need a minimum of 100 psi to have the internal pressure to pull the mixed fuel into the crankcase and cylinders.

  4. that’s a very nice engine fantastic job sam

  5. how maytag said on caution label:keep out free
    isnt it good sam?

  6. well explained there sam.