1937 Maytag Engine model 72 rebuild #57

Posted by on Jun 25, 2012 in Videos | 10 comments

Building the maytag engine cart, a short side trip, SPARKS, get back dog! get back!, welding, hammering, grinding, spray paint, just fun in the backyard machine shop, leave a comment, subscribe, pass it on, to be continued, remember,you need a muffer on a maytag, enjoy the show, shopdogsam
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  1. Nice looking engine frames you built, you must have a blue print. to make them that precise…lol 

  2. You obviously have fabrication background…you know your stuff !
    Enjoy your videos !

  3. Shopdogsam,
    I see some excellent welding technique. You ever so slightly zigzag back and forth along the weld to make sure to fill and blend the weld to each piece of metal.
    I can mind movie the strong, pretty welds eventhough we have barely see the welds in the video.
    Are you using flux core wire or solid wire with argon/carbon dioxide shielding gas?
    From the West Coast of Tennessee.

  4. It’s looking good Sam.

  5. I wished the wire feed on my welder was as consistent as yours, mines a right jiggly stop and start sob……..

  6. Happy Christmas from the UK Sam.

  7. Beautiful Repair ! Bravo !
    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year !
    Let There & Everywhere Be LIGHT !
    Peace, Love, Music & Rainbows !
    Lot of SUN, Harmony & Happiness !
    To All, Now, Ever & Forever !
    & Better ! ( : – )

  8. nice!!

  9. did you cactus the cactus?

  10. Nice one! It’s great to see someone not worrying bout the numbers for once!!