1937 Maytag Engine model 72 rebuild #35

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1937 Maytag Engine model 72 rebuild #35

Aaa,, as Paul Harvey said, hey you’ll listen up we are still on the “side trip”, belt guard explained, we are talking about the maytag twin cylinder multi-motor,, hanging model 72,, fuel (gas) tanks, S-339 cast iron, S-334 aluminiun, no bottom mounting holes, hang-er up, paint-er green?, no! not the top mount model,, black wrinkle or semi-gloss will get-er done, check year model for paint color,, new rings, decals, and them sparkplugs, enjoy, leave a comment, subscribe, pass it on,,,, picture this, I wanted me a Hugo hat, so I went to the hat store,,, I said ‘aa, hat man, what was your first thought, as to what hat I should wear? he hands me a derby, said it’s free, I said thank you,, pass on,, now back to the project, 1937 Maytag, made in the USA, Newton, Iowa, wringer washing machine engine, two cylinder, kick-start, rebuilt, repaired, fixed up, unrestored,, to be continued



  1. Is that crack all the way thru? If it is do you MIG or TIG weld ‘er up and machine? Just wondering if this is a valid fix. Thanks Greg

  2. To remove a broken screw just buy a set of “reverse” or “Left hand” drill bit set… They work with your drill in reverse and as soon as it gets a bite it unscrews the screw. $8 at harbor freight

  3. We put Keenserts for the tank fasteners mid 1960s.

  4. EarlRausch,
    To carry the mind movie on the positive side, the toddler grows up and is inspired by the memory of the incident to become a famous hand orthopedic surgeon. Of course, if toddler becomes a surgeon, then fingers were not lost in the escapade. Close call but okay in the end. …………Hollywood give me a call.
    What inspired you to become interested in Maytag washing machine engines? Bound to be a better tale in that real life story.
    From the West Coast of Tennessee.

  5. Enjoyed your comments, Now I got that mind movie running in my mind,
    From the east coast of Utah

  6. Different mind movie.
    Broken off bolt head because he overtightened it. She complains about the rattling of that guard. Fine, he takes it off. Toddler’s fingers in the moving belt.
    Now it’s a broken off bolt head in the diaper tomorrow.
    The current owner of the Maytag wanted to know the story of the broken off bolt.
    Why did I ever ask about what that bottom bolt was for?!
    Sorry folks.
    From the West Coast of Tennessee.

  7. Mind movie plays on. Appalachia, 1950. Tabletop Victrola has finished 78 record and is scratching in the parlor. The drive into town to see the doctor, whimpers of little one. Silence between him and her. Guilt on his part and anger on hers for him not putting that guard back on when he made home repairs on the 1947 Maytag wringer washing machine. The bolts that held the guard are actually passing through the intestines of the little one as we speak. Mystery solved tomorrow in the diaper.

  8. Sam,
    Thanks again for the explanation.
    That flywheel/belt guard would have keep stray fingers of little children and misquided fingers of adults out of harm’s way.
    Mind movie involves the screaming and hollering and pain of fingers in that running flywheel or belt. Chills just went up my spine. Hope I have not jinked myself.
    From the West Coast of Tennessee.