1937 Maytag Engine model 72 rebuild #31

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Read all warning labels, follow instructions, no duck tape needed, it only takes about twenty minutes to coat a 1937 Maytag, twin cylinder multi-motor gas tank, top and bottom,, that is after you done got it cleaned, rust free, I clean parts in the electrolysis tank, as a rule I don’t clean cast iron parts with acid products, nor do I sandblast parts,, it’s part of a basic rebuilding job, I use Kreem brand, fuel tank liner, use with caution, the material it’s self,, in my world is kinda pricey, in your world it may not be, i’m just saying it’s a little pricey for me, I overlap the sealer onto the gasket area for a good seal, two coats, use a new homemade gasket, get-er done,, this is not a good place to use a cornflake box!, please follow instructions on the label, coleman camp fuel mixed 16 to 1 with 30W non det. motor oil, works for me, leave a comment, subscribe, pass it on,, read the kreem ‘how to’ brochure, contains methyl ethyl ketone, (mek), GET BACK DOG! GET BACK!!, to be continued,,,,,,
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  1. Can you spray creem? Just wondering if it would produce a smooth, conformal surface.
    By the way, great vid series.

  2. Sam,
    Do you seal later Maytag Model 72 gas tanks which are aluminum? Of course, I am talking about a gas tank which does not leak. Or do you seal only cast iron tanks?
    From the West Coast of Tennessee.

  3. aye. ive kreemed motorcycle tanks. the substance you mentioned was an acid wash type stuff that kreem sells. ( or is used with it) and the kreem follows. stuff works wonders. ive used it to patch pinhole leaks in motorcycle tanks until i could get them repaired or replaced

  4. I used the Kreem products when I was pulling wrenches on motorcycles as a job years ago. The also had a product that we cleaned the tank with first. Maybe that was the acid stuff you talked about. It worked great, but I never worked on a motorcycle that had a cast iron tank.
    I love your videos and am looking around for a maytag engine. I will let you know if I locate one.
    Thanks from the Northern Coast of Wyoming!!

  5. Won’t be long now and it will be ready to start up and run break in…

  6. ill have 2 try that sum of that KREE stuff on and tractor ive been wrenchin on,