1937 Maytag Engine model 72 rebuild #25

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,,, Oh! no!, not another side trip, a fifteen cent blueprint, free for two dimes and you get a nickel back, the hippie is on the soap box again, cadmium plated bolts, yellow sparkplug wires, yes you are gonna need a repair manual, one set of cast iron piston rings installed on a maytag two-cycle gasoline engine, piston ring end gap? look it up it’s something you need to know about, let’s put a little more oil on ‘er, I do not use assembly lube, just 30w non det. or machine oil, then run two tanks of fuel with 16 to 2 gas and oil mixture, then go back to 16-1,, it’s a 1937 twin cylinder 2cycle multi-motor from a wringer washing machine, gonna be green, leave a comment, subscribe, pass it on,, did you pass the test?, hit replay, to be continued,
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Still working on this Project! Have to cut some brass, its difficulter as i thought.



  1. Sam I passed your test. I was trying to tell you not to forget the aluminun spacers on the wristpin holes, but you could not hear me.

  2. I passed…:-))

  3. Sam, I failed to test also, but learned some things along the way. Good video as usual, your the king of Maytag. You should make your self a crown, I got the name of the gasoila and will look around for it, thanks to one of your viewers. I usually use Lock-tight gasket sealer, but that gasoila looks a bit thicker, like to give it a try. TONY G.

  4. One thing I have learnt is that you can’t put enough oil on a Maytag!

    Keep em coming Sam, lovin’ the videos.

  5. Sam u forgot something .them spacers ..LOL never mind

  6. damm tricky dawg i passed the test

  7. i tend to do that with the piston rings.

  8. Gasoila Thread Sealer comes in several formulations. I have tried to pause the video to catch which type that you use, but I cannot read the details.
    It is Gasoila Soft-Set Thread Sealant with Teflon, right?
    That formulation would make the most sense to me considering how many different applications you use it on.
    Love the video!

  9. Well i was watching and i said to myself well it makes sence. leave them buttons out till the rings go in .Then you dont have to try to hold 182 parts at once trying to jam the piston in there and have them falling out. Then you kept going and i said huh maybe he did get them in there lol.

  10. i have it not ready yet and make a little break at the moment, have it working but some details in brass are not ready. Have some Other work to do at moment but i think in winter i should go ready. Have a mediaval chest and a chair made from natural wood in work. And a bed xD maybe i will make next weekend a new metal thing but dont now which thing i want to make hehe

  11. Can’t wait to see it finished!

  12. like the looks of it.