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Purchase KM-01 at TFsource.com by clicking here – www.tfsource.com —– This is a TF Source video review of Mastermind Creations KM-01 Knight Morpher Commander. When IDW was revealed to be the benefactor of the Transformers franchise from the defunct Dreamwave Productions, it opened the door for an all new take on the Transformers universe. Not only did IDw start with a fresh reboot of the Generation 1 universe, it created a few of its own, including the 4-issue Hearts of Steel mini-series. This story line placed our robotic heroes and villains on pre-historic Earth and left them slumbering in caves until the start of the Industrial Revolution in America. Featuring historical characters such as John Henry, Mark Twain and Jules Verne, this story was about as campy as Transformers can get. The radical retro designs of familiar characters ended up stealing the show and lead to some incredible fan-made creations, including a full-on release of a Hearts of Steel fashioned Optimus Prime. Named the Knight Morpher Commander, this beautiful 3rd party transforming creation is now available as a fully assembled figure ready to jump out of the past and into the collections of today. The figure has a few fragility issues, but nothing a careful collector will be unprepared for. Die-hard Optimus Prime collectors will be hard up to let this unique gem go unnoticed, as both the alt mode and the robot mode are very pleasing to the eyes. There is not a lot of room for play with this figure
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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